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Our company attempts to provide the most complete, reliable and up-to-date information.  However, if we detect any errors, they will be corrected or adapted as soon as possible.  Nevertheless, this offers no guarantees concerning the correctness and completeness of the provided information.

No rights of any nature can therefore be derived from the content of this website.  Unless explicitly specified otherwise, the nature of the data is general, and is not adapted to circumstances specifically for a certain objective or individual.

Our company excludes all liability for direct, indirect, incidental or special damage, irrespective of the nature (loss of profit, loss of opportunity, damage caused by negligence or forgetfulness in providing, compiling, editing, writing, interpreting, reporting and disseminating information, etc.) arising from or in any way related with offers and web pages published by our company, regardless of whether our company was aware of the possibility of this damage occurring.

Responsibility for the articles and photographs rests with the author of the article or the maker of the photograph

We cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of information obtained through our company.  The user shall bear the responsibility for checking the correctness, completeness or usability of the data that are available.

Nor can we be held liable for any breakdowns, interruptions or errors in the supply of data or for the consequences thereof (work interruption, damage to your programs or equipment), and any financial compensation is therefore excluded.

This disclaimer does not, of course, aim to exclude liability in matters for which one cannot indemnify oneself under common law. 


All provided data and information are owned by our company.

To respect existing copyrights, the modification, multiplication, sale or alteration of files, the use of data for unlawful purposes, the disclosure of information to third parties, the storage of information in a database and the use of the data for a purpose other than that for which this site is intended (i.e. the provision of information about our company to professional healthcare providers) is prohibited without the prior written consent of the holder of the copyright.  The required reproduction rights are essential.

Downloading and copying data for personal use, disclosure solely within the family context and short quotations from articles are permitted without consent, provided that the source is acknowledged, except for commercial purposes.

However, prior consent is always required for the reproduction or use of multimedia information (image, sound, software, etc.).

Some names, signs or logos on this website are registered trademarks.  Ownership of these is vested in our company and is protected by both national and international laws.  Users therefore may not use these trademarks without our company's prior written consent.

In the event that you are able to supply your own contribution to our website, no work may be sent that is protected by intellectual property rights, unless you own the rights yourself or have at least obtained the necessary prior written consent.  In any case, you indemnify our company against all third-party claims.

Privacy statement

Our company takes all measures to protect your privacy as well as possible and to meet the standards as specified in the new European GDPR legislation on the processing and protection of personal data. For example, security measures have been introduced to prevent the loss, the unlawful use or the alteration of information we received on our website.

Processing of personal data

We are able to process personal data about you, because you use our services and/or because you provided them to us yourself when entering a contact form on the website.

Your personal data are processed and used:

  • for the sale and/or promotion of our services;
  • for the management of your subscription(s);
  • to improve the content of our products and our website;
  • to contact you for marketing purposes;
  • to carry out market research;
  • to notify you about possible orders;
  • to be able to provide an optimal service.

The collected information is not publicly accessible.  Consultation is only possible by authorised people as a function of their job.  These data are only processed for internal purposes.

Purposes of the processing

Delivering the publications to the customer to which the subscription refers.
  • Delivering other information for the benefit of the subscribers. 

  • Calculating, determining and collecting subscription fees, including the transfer of claims for collection to third parties.
  • Other activities of internal management.
Handling disputes.
Conducting accountant's audits.

Personal data that are processed

Our company is able to process the following personal data:

Name, first names, title, sex, date of birth, email address, street name, street number, postal code, town/city, phone number and bank account number of the subscriber.
  • Data relating to education, position or occupation if they are of interest in view of the nature of the publication.
  • Riziv-number (National Institute of Health and Disability Insurance).
Data relating to the subscription.
Data for calculating, determining and collecting the subscription fees.
  • An indication of the reason for termination of the subscription.

You guarantee that the data you provide are correct and complete. The provision of incorrect data or data belonging to third parties may result in the user being temporarily or permanently denied access (partly or wholly) to products and services of our company.

Sharing with others

The user's surname, name and postal address can be notified to the authorised persons and their clients, as well as to third parties.  This is permitted for spreading useful information; as well as for commercial purposes, unless you do not agree with this.  Complaints can always be lodged on termination of the registration procedure.  Your name will be put on the Robinson list.  This is a list of names and addresses of people who no longer wish to receive addressed advertising material they did not request.

Email addresses, date of birth, mobile or phone numbers are not transferred, rented or sold to third parties, not in whole nor in part, nor used for commercial purposes.

At the request of judicial authorities or police services, personal data may be transferred without the holder's prior consent.

Personal data are not kept any longer than strictly necessary to achieve the purposes.  Keeping the data longer is only permitted when necessary to comply with a legal retention duty.

Use of cookies

We also collect non-personal data by automated means, such as cookies.  The information we collect in this way comprises the IP address, type of device, type of browser, the operating system, the language preferences, referring URLs, information about performed actions.  This information is used for the analysis of non-personal marketing information, such as research into the most commonly used browser, to thus improve our offers.

Our company uses cookies.  These are small files our server sends to your computer.  These data are saved on the user's hard disk and on every visit are sent to the administrator of the visited website.  This allows us to easily recognise you when you visit and prevents you from having to enter your user name and password again every time.

The visitor of this website accepts the use of cookies by our company.  If you disable cookies in your browser we cannot guarantee an optimum operation of the website.

Finally, information is collected in log files.  This information is only used in globalised form; there is no identification of an individual user.  Our company may use this information for internal purposes such as a traffic and profile analysis and in this way bring the service offer more in line with the needs of users.

Right of access and rectification

On proof of identity, every user has the right to access the collected data, following a written request, at any time. Subsequently, any incorrect or incomplete data can be rectified or removed.

We reserve the right to amend the privacy statement at all times, but undertake to inform our users of this via the website or email.


Our company takes the protection of your data seriously and takes appropriate measures to combat misuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted disclosure and unlawful changes.  This website uses a reliable SSL Certificate to prevent your personal data from falling in the wrong hands.

If you think your data is not secure or there are indications of misuse, or if you want more information about the security of personal data collected by our company, please contact us.

Adding a link to a website

Adding a hyperlink on your own website to our company's website is not possible unless you had prior contact with our webmaster and obtained our company's explicit permission. The full URL address of our company's website must be clearly visible.

Our company is not responsible for disclosing informative files of third parties linked to this webpage. A link does not imply any approval of these files and does not mean there is any collaboration between our company and the administrators of this other website.

Our company gives no explicit or implicit guarantee regarding the correctness or completeness of data on the linked websites. It is impossible to check all information in terms of content.

Nor does this mean our company subscribes to the products or services described on this website.

Obtaining access to and using other internet sites linked to this website is at one's own risk.

Our company, its employees, representatives, licence holders and business partners will be safeguarded and indemnified against all judicial and extrajudicial claims, including the costs of legal assistance, accountants, etc. instituted by third parties as a result of shortcomings regarding the content or availability of the linked website, its existence or use, or any infringement of any statutory regulations or the rights of third parties.

We reserve the right to terminate any link at any moment.

Financial information

All provided data are purely general information which at all times and without warning can be modified by our company.

Rules regarding participation in discussion groups

Various forums offer the possibility to discuss online with other visitors of the website.  This allows everyone with the same interest to read messages and answer questions.  To avoid any abuse, users of these discussion forum must observe a number of rules of conduct.

Respect of intellectual property rights.  Sending copyright protected works or works with an industrial right of ownership without consent or effective ownership of said rights, is prohibited.  The user shall in any case indemnify our company against all third-party claims.  

Respect of intellectual property rights. Sending copyright protected works or works with an industrial right of ownership without consent or effective ownership of said rights, is prohibited.  The user shall in all cases indemnify our company against any third-party claim.

Respect of applicable laws.  All statements that harm people or institutions in any way are prohibited.  These are statements that conflict with public order and public decency, which are insulting or discriminating, defamatory or offending, illegal or incorrect.  It is also prohibited to send data which affect the privacy of users, which incites racial hatred and xenophobia or comes down to unauthorised publicity.  Knowingly or unknowingly violating national or international laws is also prohibited.

Job offers, job advertising, commercial information or all other non-relevant messages do not belong on the forum.

The sent messages may not contain any viruses or show any technical defects, nor cause damage to the other computers or servers. 

In case of non-observance of these conditions our company reserves the right without prior notification:

  • To remove messages which breach the intellectual property rights or applicable laws.
  • To close discussions. 

  • To remove access to the discussion forum due to repeatedly sending the aforementioned inappropriate messages. This refusal does not have to be motivated. 

  • To inform the police services or judicial authorities in case of seriously unlawful behaviour. 

By using the forums, the visitor accepts the disclosure of his/her name and email address on the webpage.  However, these data may not be used by other users for commercial or unlawful purposes (spamming, stalking, etc.).

Our company is not responsible for the content of the messages due to the impossibility to check them, nor for the content of other websites that could be linked to the forums via a hyperlink, nor for the use by third parties of email addresses specified on the forums. 


All disputes and claims relating to the matter discussed on this website are governed by Belgian law. The user undertakes to be subjected to the exclusive competence of the court of Brussels, without prejudice to our company's right to institute proceedings before any other competent court.

This webpage may be changed by our company at its own discretion, without liability for the consequences of this change. Problems can always be notified to the webmaster connected to this website.

Last changed on 23 May 2020.